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Most golf clubs drop in value at least 30% after just one year of use and still perform just as well as when they were new.

Buying preowned clubs is a great way for golfers to purchase clubs without breaking the bank.  We sell Callaway, Taylormade, Ping, Adams, Cobra, Cleveland and many other top name brand used clubs on our eBay store.

Why shop ebay for used golf clubs? Ebay is by far the largest market place for both new and used golf equipment in the world, with over 80,000 golf club listings at any given time. Ebay, with it’s feedback system and Top Rated Seller program, provides a very safe and secure platform to make purchases.

TRSLogo Choosing to buy preowned clubs instead of new equipment is a great way to save money, especially for a beginning player. Most people starting out in golf don’t need top of the line, brand new clubs. Instead, a simple, quality used starter golf set will work very well. Many experienced golfers also choose to buy used golf clubs over new equipment. The fact is, even though the technology in club design does improve year to year, golf clubs from the previous year or even 5 years prior, are still very close in performance. For example, PGA professionals have access to the very newest golf equipment, yet some are still playing clubs that are several years old. The reason they are still playing older golf clubs is that they haven’t found new clubs that improve there game. The bottom line is, usually new equipment doesn’t significantly improve a golfers score, a better swing does. So check out preowned clubs before buying new, and use the money saved to improve your swing with professional golf lessons.

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