Ben Hogan Apex Edge Irons Review

Apex Edge irons

Ben Hogan Apex Edge Irons Review

People describe Ben Hogan’s swing as being smooth and sweet, and that’s how a lot of golfers also describe Ben Hogan Apex Edge irons.  Their look is classic and classy, but you’ll like the way they perform even more.

Ben Hogan Apex Edge irons are handsome, well-crafted, two-piece forged cavity-back irons, consisting of a forged carbon steel frame and a face that’s also forged.  It’s an innovative design that, together with several game-improvement features, makes them surprisingly easy to play considering they’re forged irons.  Hogan Apex Edge irons are different than many other forged sets because golfers of almost any skill level can play them well (true beginners and very high handicappers should probably stay away).

A number of things combine to make Ben Hogan Apex Edge irons forgiving and accurate.  They have wide soles in order to help you hit your shots crisply instead of thin or fat.  Perimeter weighting makes them more forgiving so you don’t lose as much distance on your off-center hits.  A progressive offset design (more offset in the long irons and progressively less offset in the short irons) helps to prevent pushes and slices with the long irons, but gives you precision and control with the shorter clubs.  There’s not much worse than pulling an 80-yard sand wedge 30 yards left, but that won’t happen with Ben Hogan Apex Edge irons because of their progressive offset design.

One other thing about Ben Hogan Apex Edge irons:  they’re stunning to look at.  Their shape and finish give a classy look to your bag, but the clubs look just as good when you’re standing over them at address.

These irons give you game-improvement features, gorgeous looks, and the soft, sweet, smooth feel that only forged irons can deliver.  Hit them flush and you’ll hardly feel a thing.  Miss the sweet spot and the feedback you get can help you improve your swing.

Ben Hogan Apex Edge irons are top-quality clubs.  There’s no need to spend a fortune on the latest set made by TaylorMade, Callaway, PING or one of the other top-rated club makers, not when you can pick up a set of Ben Hogan Apex Edge irons for a very reasonable price.  It might take a few rounds or sessions on the practice range to get used to them, but once you do they’ll surprise you with their quality, forgiveness and superb feel.



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