Big Bertha X-12 / X-12 Pro Irons Review

X-12 irons

X-12 Pro irons

Callaway Big Bertha X-12 and X-12 Pro Irons

Callaway Big Bertha X-12 and Big Bertha X-12 Pro irons share a lot of features, although they also have some differences.  The standard Big Bertha X-12 irons are mainly for average to high-handicap players, while the X-12 Pro irons are for better golfers.

Both sets use two tried-and-true Callaway Golf technologies:  S2H2 (Short, Straight, Hollow, Hosel) and Tru-Bore (the shaft extends all the way through the head).  Working together, they improve feel, forgiveness and control.  These Callaway irons also have a variable undercut channel that provides optimal weighting from club to club, along with a thin topline and a profile that makes them easier to hit out of the rough.  The sweet spot is sizable on both sets.

Callaway Big Bertha X-12 irons have a low center of gravity to help the ball fly high.  The offset on the X-12 irons comes in handy if you’re like many average players and have a tendency to slice.  If, on the other hand, your handicap is fairly low and you don’t often slice, Callaway Big Bertha X-12 Pro irons have less offset and can help you work the ball in either direction.  It helps to be a better player if you choose the X-12 Pro irons, but they do make it easier to be better.

I played a “double round” with these clubs, meaning that I went out in the evening by myself with a set of Callaway Big Bertha X-12 irons on one side of my cart and a set of the X-12 Pro irons on the other side.  Every time I had an iron shot, I hit two balls – the first one with an X-12 iron and then I’d drop another ball and use an X-12 Pro.

The results were pretty predictable, considering these are high quality Callaway clubs.  Both sets looked great at address.  Callaway’s Big Bertha X-12 irons looked slightly bulkier than the X-12 Pros, but not overly so.  They both seemed pretty forgiving on off-center hits, but the anti-slice offset in the regular X-12s caused me to pull several well-hit shots off to the left (this could be good if you slice because it would tend to straighten out your shots).  The Big Bertha X-12 Pro irons let me work the ball either way pretty much at will.

All in all I had a fun evening. I’d recommend Callaway Big Bertha X-12 irons for golfers with handicaps over 10 or so; Big Bertha X-12 Pro irons are better for single-digit players. Thank you for reading this Big Bertha X-12 / X-12 pro irons review.

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