Mizuno MP H4 Review

MP-H4 irons

Mizuno MP-H4 Review

In 2012, Mizuno brought out two new models in its long-running MP iron series:  the MP-H4 and MP-64 models.  Mizuno MP-H4 irons are a more forgiving set than other MP models, including the MP-64.

Some players view Mizuno MP-H4 irons as a “tweener” set, bridging the gap between the company’s popular JPX game-improvement irons (designed primarily for average golfers) and the more demanding, less forgiving MP-series clubs (designed for low to low-mid handicap players).  They have completely different heads (more on that later) with wider soles and a deeper center of gravity than other MP irons, but they still feature the famous Mizuno quality and feel.  Mizuno says they’re best suited for golfers with handicaps between 2 and 14.

The design of Mizuno MP-H4 irons is a radical departure from other MP irons.  Yes, they’re made of Grain Flow Forged™ 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel, just like all the other recent models in Mizuno’s MP series.  And yes, they give you that famous buttery Mizuno feel.  But they also give you more versatility and forgiveness than any of Mizuno’s other player’s irons.

So, what makes Mizuno MP-H4 irons so radically different?  And what makes them great for not just better players, but average golfers too?

Mizuno has never made a set of MP irons that’s anything like the MP-H4s.  Using three distinct head designs, the set progresses from hollow forged iron-type hybrid long irons to one-piece half-cavity short irons, all made of Grain Flow Forged™ 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel for tremendous feel.  Mizuno designed the set progression to flow seamlessly throughout the set.

The heads of the hollow hybrid long irons (2-4) in a set of Mizuno MP-H4 irons have a deep center of gravity and are almost at the maximum limit for Coefficient of Restitution (“CoR”).  This design promotes a long but high ball flight – exactly what you normally want from a long iron.  The sweet spot of the hollow hybrid mid-irons (5-7) is extremely large, and the heads have a lower CoR for forgiveness and distance control.  The more compact, one-piece half-cavity scoring irons (8-PW) have a higher center of gravity and a moderate CoR for control and accuracy.  The transition from one club to the next is almost perfect.

Mizuno MP-H4 irons have soles that are wider than other MP models and they’re beveled on the trailing edge.  The wider, beveled sole and modified U-grooves combine to make the clubs versatile and easier to hit under different conditions.

So, higher launches, playability, Mizuno feel, and forgiveness – these aren’t your father’s forged irons.  They’re best suited to single-digit and low-mid handicap players.

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Mizuno MP-H4 3-PW Iron Set with Steel Shafts

Mizuno MP-H4 3-PW Iron Set with Steel Shafts

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