Taylormade R7 Irons Review

Taylormade R7 Irons

Taylormade R7 Irons Review

TaylorMade R7 Irons

TaylorMade R7 irons aren’t the company’s most recent models, but that doesn’t mean they’re outdated.

They’re a few years old now, but they’re still sweet-hitting sticks.  Like other TaylorMade golf clubs, TaylorMade R7 irons have sophisticated designs and use advanced materials.  And, their build quality is excellent – they were made to last.  As far as I’m concerned, TaylorMade R7s are still very competitive with most of the irons coming out today.

They started out pretty pricey, but now you can find a good used set of TaylorMade R7 irons for half (or less) their original price.  Here’s why you might want to consider them for your next irons purchase:

First, they’re TaylorMade irons.  That means they’re made by one of the world’s foremost golf club manufacturers.  TaylorMade takes a lot of pride in its clubs, so you know they’re built right.

TaylorMade R7s are designed to be played by average and low-handicap players, so they’re engineered to deliver a nice combination of performance and forgiveness.  They’ll let you work the ball if you have the skills, but they also make it easy to get the ball up in the air.

Although they might not be quite as forgiving as TaylorMade’s Rocketballz and Burner irons, R7s are solid on miss-hits and feel soft, smooth and sweet when you hit the ball well.  I should know – I’ve played several rounds with these clubs, and I’m glad I did.  TaylorMade uses what it calls “Inverted Cone Technology” to make the sweet spot bigger, but it also dampens vibrations and makes the ball fly farther on off-center hits.

R7 irons have fairly thin faces, and the ball jumps when it’s struck.  Most versions of these irons (there are several) have fairly large heads, a feature which can inspire that all-important confidence when you’re addressing the ball.  A deep cavity in the back positions the center of gravity low and toward the back to give you more distance and help you launch the ball high.  I don’t care for their offset, but if you’re prone to slicing you’d probably appreciate it.

There are several models of TaylorMade R7 irons:  the “standard” R7, the R7 Draw, the R7 XD, the R7 TP and so on.  Each one is a little different from the others, so you’ll need to do a little research to find out which one might be right for you.  They’re all high quality irons.


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