Tour Edge Bazooka QLS Irons Review

Bazooka QLS irons

Tour Edge Bazooka QLS Irons

Some golfers are unfamiliar with Tour Edge clubs.  Don’t feel bad if you’re one of them:  Tour Edge doesn’t advertise much, and it doesn’t pay professionals to use its equipment the way its competitors do.  But that doesn’t mean you should disregard Tour Edge clubs – far from it.

Tour Edge is a fairly small but well-established golf club maker.  It’s always strived for the perfect balance between performance, quality and value.  With the exception of its Exotics line (which is pricier but terrific), Tour Edge has always priced its clubs lower than the clubs of more famous golf club manufacturers.

Here’s the bottom line if you’re looking for game-improvement irons:  Tour Edge Bazooka QLS irons are a great value.  In addition to being good clubs, they’re cheaper than a lot of other models.  In my book, that makes them a terrific buy for a lot of amateur golfers.

Tour Edge Bazooka QLS irons are cavity-backs, designed for average to high-handicap golfers.  Like many game-improvement sets, the soles of these clubs are very wide and contoured to make “digging” much less likely.  They also help the clubs get through the rough instead of twisting or getting stuck, which can be a problem for golfers with slower swing speeds.  A large undercut cavity on the back makes Tour Edge Bazooka QLS irons more stable, accurate and forgiving by positioning more weight on the sole.

An extremely thin, hot face acts like a trampoline at impact.  Combined with the low center of gravity, this ultra-thin face helps your shots fly higher and straighter.  A higher ball flight means approach shots that are more likely to land soft and stay on the greens instead of rolling off.

When you strike the ball on the sweet spot, Tour Edge Bazooka QLS irons feel nice and smooth.  And, a large medallion in the back cavity dampens harsh vibrations on off-center hits, so your hands and wrists won’t sting when you do have a miss-hit.

Although there are a few minor variations here and there, Tour Edge Bazooka QLS irons utilize the same basic formula that a lot of other golf club makers put to work in their game-improvement irons.  That’s not a bad thing, because that basic formula is tried-and-true.  So, what makes Tour Edge Bazooka QLS irons different from the big-name irons?  The value they deliver.  Their performance is similar, but their price is a lot lower.

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