Iron Specs

This list includes irons specifications for many brands. Iron specs for golf iron sets will usually include the following information:

  • Loft – Loft is the face angle of the club measured in degrees. The higher the loft the higher the ball flight will be. Loft angles can be adjusted, although this is not normally needed.
  • Lie – Lie is the  angle of the club head to the shaft measured in degrees. Lie angle affects ball flight and can be adjusted to fit an individual players swing. The correct lie for an individual golfer is determined by many factors, including an individual’s height, arm length and swing plane.
  • Bounce – Bounce is the angle of the sole against the ground at address. Although bounce can be measured for all irons, it is more of a factor in wedges. More bounce is desired when conditions are soft or from rough and sand.
  • Shaft Length – Each iron will have a different length in a set.
  • Shaft Model – Iron set will usually have a few stock shaft options available in steel and graphite, with different flexes.
  • Shaft Specs – Each shaft a iron set is offered in will have different specifications, including flex, weight, torque and kick point.
  • Swing Weight – Swing Weight is the basically how the weight of a club feels during the swing. Swing weight adjustments can be really help a player find the right swing tempo.
  • Set Make up – This is all the irons, hybrids or wedges that were produced for a particular set model. For example, many sets are now made up of 4-SW, but are also available in the traditional makeup of 3-PW or several other combinations.


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